Ridgemark Retrievers Puppy Program

Our puppy program is second to none. Our goal in this program is to provide an organized socialization process prior to your dog entering the formal gun dog program. Proper socialization is often overlooked and can make or break your dogs training success; this will ensure that your dog will be ready for the next level of training. This program is designed to promote a strong and stylish work ethic through the proper introductions of retrieving on land and water with birds and dummies. Your puppy will also get introduced to gunfire and get tons of people exposure while going through this program.

Obedience Program
Ridgemark Retrievers offers an obedience only program for dog owners with no interest in duck hunting. This two month program includes the teaching of the commands heel, sit, stay, kennel up and lay down. Your dog will be trained on all commands with and without the leash once the program is complete.